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The polygraph guide for examiners, lawyers,
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In polygraph testing, each examinee must be treated as unique. Much as one-size-fits-all clothing never comes close to fitting everyone, approaching polygraph examinees identically rarely produces credible evidence. Each examinee is an individual, and often his or her very reputation, well-being, and future are at stake. Although having knowledge of polygraph statistics and procedures is  important, practitioners must also tailor the test specifically to each examinee. Contaminating factors as well as other problems surrounding the test are common concerns that may lead to false results and conclusions. Therefor a tailored and personalized approach rather than a technical one size fits all approach, is essential to ensure credible results. No matter the purpose, practitioners must alter the test to the examinee rather than alter the examinee to the test.

Aside from possessing basic procedural and statistical knowledge, examiners must be prepared to deal with unique situations—in the end, the tests are conducted on human beings who have a great deal at stake. Approaching each as an individual with a custom-designed test will ensure more accurate results—and produce effective outcomes.
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