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Practice, observations and research shaped our approach toward workplace dishonesty. 
The following truth shaped our practice philosophy and concept: 
Employees who are involved in occupational delinquency display visible and detectable early warning indicators that can lead to their early exposure and detection.
Almost all Employees want to generate their income honestly having no criminal intention.
Humans are not totally honest; certain circumstances can influence them to act dishonestly.
Management that act honestly and set a good example, keep its promises and support others who adhere to ethical values are the key factors to an honest organizational.
It is the management duty to help employees stay honest (by reduced temptation, maximum deterrence and integrity maintenance).
Management has to adopt zero tolerance policy toward workplace crime.
It is the management and employees basic right not to be robbed.
Any organization should have a crystal clear policy, regulation and code of conduct regarding. integrity issues
Lack of employees’ commitment to the workplace has a stronger influence on their behavior than their ethics and morale values.