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Integrity Professionals


IntegPro is an international joint venture group of American and Israeli professionals.

These professionals, - all experts in their given field have accumulated more than 100 years of experience in the day-to-day handling of employees integrity issues.

Issues in the areas of  Human Resource, Security, Special Operation and Loss Prevention. This cumulative experience promoted a philosophy, leading to the development of a concept as to how employee’s integrity issues should be handled. 
This group includes multi disciplinary
 experts in the fields of  Organizational Psychology, Criminology, Sociology and Law enforcement with academic backgrounds at doctorate level.


Dr. Tuvya T. Amsel of Israel leads IntegPro since 1971. Dr. Amsel is renowned world wide for his experience in the areas of work place integrity issues. Is involved in high profile work place violations across the globe to include investigations, intelligence, loss prevention and special operation covering: theft, embezzlement, fraud, sabotage, sexual harassment and others.

It is due to his remarkable expertise in his given field that Dr Amsel has been called upon to lecture and teach at various agencies including those of law enforcement and corporate security departments, from the United States of America to Russia.



The past decade has seen the implementation of Integrity Projects in small businesses as well as in mega corporations (from 100 to 55,000 employees) in America and Asia.