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The Integrity Profiler Experts​

IntegPro is the trade name that stands for Integrity Programs and Integrity Projects performed by multi disciplinary (Organizational Psychologists, Business Directors, Criminologists and Security experts) Integrity Professionals that are aimed toward turning any organization into a place where mutual – management employees - trust and honesty are part of the organizational culture and climate. Thou we are using loss prevention and loss reduction tactics as well; we are not a loss prevention and loss reduction company. 
We go far beyond by trying to create the synergy between the employees need to be respected and earn their income respectfully as well as the organization objective to maximize their profit without being robbed internally and/or externally.


The phenomena of employees’ dishonesty and criminal behavior in the workplace has critical financial and moral impact on commerce and business. The phenomena are cross-cultural and cross ethnical and they appear to be a concern to any economy and industry worldwide. The figures of the direct damage and the cost of preventing it are alarming.